JPI Transport Services

JPI Warehousing operates an extensive fleet of vehicles which are modern and clean with up-to-date, industry-standard equipment. This fleet includes 44 ton articulated vehicles, 26 ton six-wheel vehicles with tail-lift facilities, 18 ton vehicles and a range of differently sized vans. We can cater for payloads from a few kilogrammes, right up to the maximum legal permitted limit (an overall maximum weight of 44 tons).

All of our vehicles are fitted with cab phones and/or mobile phones which allow instant 2-way communication between every driver and our central organisation unit, allowing our drivers to receive updated instructions at every step of the journey should the situation change en-route.

JPI offer groupage facilities, full-loads and container delivery services direct from Southampton docks and offer a collection and distribution service to all parts of the UK.

For more information on our vehicles, read the case-studies or visit the gallery